The Witcher


Read the text and choose the correct answer.
In the series premiere of "The Witcher," the viewers are introduced to a dark and dangerous world filled with magic, monsters, and political intrigue. The episode primarily revolves around the life of Geralt of Rivia, a skilled monster hunter known as a witcher.

The episode opens with a stunning and chaotic battle scene, where Geralt fights a grotesque monster known as a kikimora. After defeating the creature, Geralt encounters a wizard named Stregobor, who seeks his help in dealing with a dangerous curse plaguing the kingdom. Geralt is skeptical but agrees to hear Stregobor's proposition.

Meanwhile, in a separate timeline, the story follows Princess Ciri of Cintra, a young royal with a tragic destiny. Ciri's grandmother, Queen Calanthe, is hosting a grand feast and tournament to celebrate her granddaughter's coming of age. However, their joyous event is interrupted by the arrival of Nilfgaardian soldiers, an expansionist empire seeking to conquer the continent.

Amidst the chaos, Geralt arrives in Blaviken, a town caught in the midst of a sinister conflict between Renfri, a powerful sorceress, and Stregobor. Renfri seeks revenge against Stregobor, who once performed cruel experiments on her and her friends. Geralt finds himself in a moral dilemma as he navigates the town's treacherous politics, where he must decide who to protect and how to confront evil.

As the episode progresses, Geralt's path intersects with destiny, as he saves Renfri from her murderous intent and confronts Stregobor. Despite Stregobor's insistence that Renfri is an evil threat, Geralt sees the shades of gray and recognizes that both sides are flawed. In a tense and gripping climax, Geralt ultimately kills Renfri, ending the immediate threat.

In the aftermath, Geralt leaves Blaviken, earning a notorious reputation as "The Butcher of Blaviken." Back in Cintra, the Nilfgaardian forces overrun the city, leading to Queen Calanthe's desperate decision to send Ciri away for her safety.

"The End's Beginning" sets the stage for a complex narrative filled with intertwining storylines, moral ambiguity, and the looming threat of war. Geralt's journey as a witcher and Ciri's destiny as a key figure in the unfolding events promise a thrilling and enthralling adventure in the episodes to come.
  1. What is Geralt of Rivia's profession?

  2. Who seeks Geralt's help to deal with a curse in the kingdom?

  3. Why does Renfri seek revenge against Stregobor?

  4. What is the consequence of Geralt's actions in Blaviken?

  5. Why does Queen Calanthe send Princess Ciri away?